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Rich $avage 2 by Martell "Troublesome" Bolden

Rich $avage 2 by Martell "Troublesome" Bolden


After bullets meant for him, mistakenly kills his brother, ACE goes on a rampage, turning the city of Milwaukee into a killing field. Though his gun is more active than ever, the RICH $AVAGE remains on his grind while trying to avoid a federal indictment and the clap back from his enemies.

As his money piles up, so does Ace's body count. He finds himself dodging cases and bullets, although he isn't willing to fold under pressure without ending up in a prison cell or a body bag.

Meanwhile, with money on his mind and murder in his heart, Ace is determined to stack his paper up to the ceiling while on the manhunt for his brother's killer with intentions to shoot to kill. Will Ace's ambitions to get rich by any means become his demise in the city of killers? Or can he become one of the few lucky ones that played the game and won?

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