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Salute My Savagery 2 by Fumiya Payne

Salute My Savagery 2 by Fumiya Payne


.After the grizzly discovery inside the garage, a heartbroken PUMA channels her anguish through anger and closed a traumatic chapter of her past. Now, with a homicidal promise to uphold, her and MARTHA will embark on a retributive journey. But with her nemesis knowing the extent of her savagery, Puma isn't alone in her vengeful planning.

Clueless of the cause behind his placement on the throne, KING is elated by his love-life and long-awaited position. So, with DOUBLE-O's savagery on his side and an alleged Queen in his corner, King is inclined to believe that he can obtain the rewards awarded to only a chosen few.

Meanwhile, with her loyalty seeming to lie only with her pocketbook, UNIQUE has managed to not only capture King's heart, but also the crown once worn by his brother. As the pieces of her sinister puzzle continues coming together, Unique will soon unveil a shocking image that no ever imagined.

When this emotional tale of loyalty and betrayal comes to a climatic close, which of these character's will unequivocally be able to say to the world SALUTE MY SAVAGERY?

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