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Salute my Savagery by Fumiya Payne

Salute my Savagery by Fumiya Payne


After being imprisoned for the assault of an arch rival, KAVONI has reentered society with a scheme that'll require spilled blood, boldness and no compassion for the opp. Armed with a fully automatic and a merciless heart, this monster will manage to migrate from mud to marble.

However, while submerged in the waters of newfound success, Kavoni is unaware of his movements being monitored by an unknown enemy; an enemy who intends to steal his riches along with his life.

When a series of events threaten to seize his hard-earned accomplishments, will Kavoni summon the strength to hold on to his much-coveted crown? Or will he succumb to a shrewd nemesis with an overpowering sex appeal and the wettest place on Earth?

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