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Ski Mask Money 2 by Renta

Ski Mask Money 2 by Renta


Welcome to the world of SKI MASK MONEY, where a good heart can't compete with a cold one, and a man is greeted with a bullet to the head faster than he's greeted with a handshake. GAMBINO is still trapped in this madness and the devil has come to pay him a visit!

In the midst of all-out betrayal, Gambino begins to fall hard for a forbidden woman who not only has secrets of her own, but could also hold the key to his freedom. But the opposition is strong. Can Gambino pull off the impossible as he goes against the most powerful foe he has ever faced?

Gambino gambles his last coin on a chance at liberation, and as the dice tumbles, he realizes that freedom’s price may be too steep. Yet, with nothing but a prayer and a taste for revenge left to his name, this gangsta is ready and willing to risk it all! Will one last roll of the dice see him crap out? Or will he finally be rewarded for playing the game with a win at all cost?

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