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Ski Mask Money by Renta

Ski Mask Money by Renta


Welcome to the world of SKI MASK MONEY and crooked alliances, where a good heart won’t get you anywhere! This is Gambino’s world…a pit where snakes bite with deadly venom and he finds himself in a fight for his life.

When Gambino gets trapped in the belly of the beast, the people he trust most turn treacherous and their betrayals sprout at every turn. With so much against him, this murderous gangsta finds a glimmer of hope in a woman that's forbidden to him. Will she be his path to freedom and revenge? Or will she be more lethal to Gambino than all of his enemies combined?

Toss in the Gulf Cartel, a blind artist, and the CIA, and this tale becomes a gumbo of blood, bullets, and poetry in motion. Caught in the eye of the storm, Gambino gambles his last coin of life on a chance at freedom. Will he win? Or will he crap out? No matter the answer, those who have betrayed him will feel his wrath.

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