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Son of a Dope Fiend 4 by Renta

Son of a Dope Fiend 4 by Renta


Welcome to the wicked lands of Dallas, Texas where being ruthless is the key to survival! It's the place where predators challenge predators, and prey doesn’t stand a chance! Messiah’s game has reached its peek, but when treachery from the ones at his table is revealed, he is faced with deadly decisions! Someone has to die!

Furthermore, Pimpin’ Maxwell has opened a Pandoras box, unleashing one of its deepest betrayals, making Messiah question not only himself, but also the most important person in his life...his Queen! There's a game of deception being played, and only the most cunning will prevail. Love has no room within this tale, unless it comes dipped in blood.

Whose blood? Could it be THE SON OF A DOPE FIEND?

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