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Sosa Gang 3 by Romell Tukes

Sosa Gang 3 by Romell Tukes


The Sosa gang are back to face a much more powerful Outlaw crew than last time. This go ‘round the gang will have their hands full trying to overcome and survive the hardest fight of their young lives. Twin from the Sosa Gang finds out that his dad, Imam Ahmad, is one of the leaders of the Outlaws and now he's forced to choose between his father and his gang. Where will his loyalty lie?

Vera, OG Kane’s ex-wife, is making a name for herself in the game, but when faced with issues, how will this queen be able to force her way into the Philly drug trade without dying? Meanwhile, Sosa’s mom Ashley escapes from a mental hospital and runs off to Colombia where her legacy is entrenched. When she teams up with her son will it be a blessing or a curse?

With Janasia being a DEA agent and a leading Outlaw member, will she be able to hold her crew together or will she go down with them? With so much uncertainty and deadly turmoil brewing, will SOSA be able to stop the city of Philly from turning into another war zone?

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