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Steppers 2 by King Rio

Steppers 2 by King Rio


Nya Mixon and her boyfriend Grizzy are still on a deadly mission to recover the millions that were stolen from Grizzy's incarcerated father. When they decide to visit Nya's wounded father in his west side Chicago neighborhood, a scrawny young gunman attempts to carjack them at gunpoint, and Nya proves once again that she is not to be played with.
Meanwhile, billionaire tech CEO Johnna Broward and her powerful team of lawyers are working on freeing her older brother Bang Boy from the same federal prison where Grizzy's father is housed. Shortly before Bang Boy's court hearing, Grizzy and his pops learn something about Johnna that creates the worst kind of enemy — the kind with limitless spending power and an unquenchable thirst for vengeance.
As the tension builds, Nya and Grizzy forge a bloody path through the gang-ridden trenches of some of Chicago's most treacherous neighborhoods. What will happen when real Steppers cross paths and it's a matter of life or death?

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