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Steppers 3 by King Rio

Steppers 3 by King Rio


Drill rapper Nya Mixon's gangster is put to the ultimate test when her husband, Lejon "Grizzy" White, is gunned down in the backseat of his Rolls-Royce while en route to what would have been Nya's very first paid show. Nya manages to kill one of the gunmen during the shooting, nailing him to his seat with a Draco pistol, but catching the second shooter will lead her down a bloody path of vengeance that sets the streets of Chicago on fire. When all is said and done, she learns that it was someone in her and Grizzy's circle who set him up to be killed, and the identity of that traitor is the one person she never expected.

Meanwhile, it is learned that billionaire tech CEO Johnna Broward's limitless funds have led to her older brother Bang Boy's unexpected release from federal prison, and he immediately offered $5 million to anyone who could put Grizzy in the dirt. But what happens when Nya figures out that it was Bang Boy who ordered the hit? Will he survive the wrath of the ruthless female rap artist the industry knows as Young Nya, or will he be the next murder victim on her long list of dead opps?

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