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Steppers by King Rio

Steppers by King Rio


Billionaire tech CEO JOHNNA BROWARD’S world is turned upside down when a disgruntled former employee storms into Panteon Tech headquarters in Lower Manhattan and guns down four innocent people before cornering Johnna in her top-floor office. Will Johnna escape alive or will she meet a brutal end?
Meanwhile, in Chicago, things aren’t going any better for gangster/dope boy LEJON “GRIZZY” WHITE, whose mission to stake out the home of the man who stole millions of dollars from his incarcerated father is cut short when he’s carjacked for his SUV on the west side of the Windy City. NYA MIXON and her best friend witness the shooting, and when Grizzy offers Nya $5,000 for info regarding the men who'd carjacked him, murder ensues.
Follow THE STEPPERS as the story goes down a crooked and ruthless today that just might lead to death and destruction or total reclamation.

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