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Straight Beast Mode by De'Kari

Straight Beast Mode by De'Kari


The city of San Francisco is a jungle like none other. The rules of survival that govern most cities don’t apply here. There’s only One Rule: KILL OR BE KILLED!

The T.I.O. clique has lived by the mantra: Anybody Can Get It. Led by LIL DOOKA, this circle of brothers are the dominant force controlling the Sunnydale Projects. But Lil Dooka has dreams of one day controlling all of San Francisco. When his T.I.O. clique cross paths with C1TY and his 357 Mobb, their biggest concern will be trying to stay alive.

The T.I.O. clique and 357 Mobb aren’t the only animals in this jungle that everyone wants to control. Going hard won’t get it done. To be the best, they will have to go STRAIGHT BEAST MODE! Who will feast on the blood of the weak? Can one animal ever rule this jungle? Or will they devour each other in their attempt to do so?

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