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Super Gremlin 3 by King Rio

Super Gremlin 3 by King Rio


Six months after finding five million dollars in cash inside of an abandoned, strange locker, Markio Earl has transitioned from a cold-hearted dope boy to a best-selling urban fiction novelist. He and world-renowned criminal attorney, Nikkia Staples, have become an unstoppable power couple, and his books are on the top of the charts. He’s a legitimate businessman with his set on the production of his very first movie. But the FBI knows there is something more nefarious going on behind the scenes.
Markio’s connection to a slew of unsolved murders and his ties to numerous high-ranking Chicago mobsters have federal agents hot on his trail, and when a CPD officer is killed in a brazen mid-day shootout, in a neighborhood that has long been dominated by members of his gang, the Feds become even more determined to put him and his associates away once and for all.
Markio may be cunning enough to evade the Feds, but can he outsmart the treacherous members of his own gang who will stop at nothing to see him six feet in the ground? When a SUPER GREMLIN gets caught up in Kut-Throat Business, all hell is sure to follow.


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