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Super Gremlin 4 by King Rio

Super Gremlin 4 by King Rio


Voltaira Muck, the notoriously ruthless leader of Miami’s Zae Pound gang, has made off with well over a hundred kilos of narcotics belonging to Markio Earl; kilos that Markio himself received on consignment from the even more ruthless Matamoras drug cartel. Needless to say, mayhem ensues as Markio and his cousin, Slime — a Blood gang member from Baton Rouge, Louisiana — go on the hunt for his stolen bricks, a chase that leads right back to the northwest Indiana town he’s been trying so desperately to stay away from.
Meanwhile, back home in Chicago, Markio’s gang has a falling out with Steel, a rival gang member who’s fresh out of prison with a chip on his shoulder and a score to settle. When a deadly shootout between the two gangs claims the life of one of Markio’s own, he ignores the suggestion that he should stay out of the war and – with Slime in tow — dives in headfirst.
But soon, Markio realizes that all isn’t as it seems. Slime claims to have only left Baton Rouge to elude a homicide investigation and to spend time with his distant relatives, but the plot thickens when Markio figures out Slime’s real reason for joining him in Chicago. It’s a conspiracy that could very well set the streets on fire as a real SUPER GREMLIN is revealed.

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