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Super Gremlin by King Rio

Super Gremlin by King Rio


HERMAN “BIG WORM” PATTERSON, a heroin kingpin from Chicago’s gang-ridden west side, has finally reached his end goal. He’s saved up five million dollars and stashed it away at a northwest Indiana storage facility, in the town where he plans to settle down and retire from the drug game for good.

But on what was to be his final night in Chicago, Worm is shot and critically injured, and when he awakens from a coma months later, he learns that his storage locker has been auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Worm sends in two carloads of certified gang members to track down and recover his millions, only to find out that the woman he thought had purchased his storage locker actually hadn’t, and the man who had—MARKIO EARL— may be a lot more gangsta than he ever could have expected.

Will Worm’s grim determination to recover his millions lead to success? Or will Markio’s unmatched gangsta reign supreme? Find out in Super Gremlin 1: Switches and Dracos.

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