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The Birth of a Gangster 3 by Delmont Player

The Birth of a Gangster 3 by Delmont Player


After being shot, stabbed, betrayed by those who claimed to love him the most and found guilty, DAKARON is still determined to play by the old-school rules.

However, after being in prison, putting in work for well over a decade, Dakaron is beginning to realize that something has to change if he doesn't want to die behind enemy lines. But old habits die hard and new enemies live by new rules that Dakaron may not be ready to handle.

Before it's all over, said and done, there are questions left to be answered: Can Dakaron survive a new game of playing by the old rules? Can he find a loophole to get himself and FRANK out of prison? Or will time and old age conquer them and spawn a new beginning to THE BIRTH OF A GANGSTER?

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