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The Birth of a Gangster 4 by Delmont Player

The Birth of a Gangster 4 by Delmont Player


After interrupting the attempted anguish of his right-hand man, DAKARON, FRANK is torn between loyalty to the code of honor and the vow he made to his family. For Dakaron, however, the choice is clear and there’s no turning back from the power move he attempted to execute. Now that he’s all in and it’s life or death, Dakaron won’t hesitate to pull Frank back into the streets with him. But will Frank refuse to go down that path again?
This time, the decision isn’t easy as Frank and Dakaron will be up against a crew of wild youths and Baltimore’s corrupt police Task Force. Will Frank’s loyalty to Dakaron finally reach its end? Will loyalty to Dakaron force Frank to put his own family second to the streets?
The game is about to be played for all the chips; nothing will be left to the losers of this epic war once it pops off. Can Dakaron and Frank prevail against a team of rogue cops who are licensed to kill? When the pressure mounts, it breeds the best of the best, and THE BIRTH OF A GANGSTER could be the end of an impenetrable force.

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