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The Birth Of A Gangster by Delmont Player

The Birth Of A Gangster by Delmont Player


DAKARON was born to be a gangsta and groomed to be a shooter, even if it kills him or sends him to prison. To Dakaron, the end justifies the means and he's out to win at all costs, as he turns the city of Baltimore, Maryland into a killing field.

Young and ruthless, Dakaron comes up in the game, but he will not be satisfied until he reaches the top. Things change when one of his childhood friends falls in love, crosses the point of no return, and decides to make Dakaron his enemy.

With lives at stake and reputations on the line, squads will clash and bodies will fall. But, when it's all said and done, only one man can reign supreme. When fueled by love, lust, sex, money, murder, betrayal and power, a man can be savage and unstoppable. Or he can plot his own downfall. Will The Birth of a Gangsta lead to the death of many? Or will this gangsta ultimately return to the dirt from which he came?

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