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The Black Diamond Cartel 2 by Saynomore

The Black Diamond Cartel 2 by Saynomore


Malachi receives the blessings from Blanka, the head of the deadliest cartel in Mexico, to start his own cartel. But with it comes an obligation that will test Malachi to the limit. Murder, extortion, and corruption are Blanka's creed and he expects the same from those he has given his blessings to. Will Malachi remain loyal or will Blanka'demands become too outrageous for Malachi to fulfill?
When Malachi is called in on a blood oath that he must honor, and dark secrets come to light, the stakes are at an all-time high and everything teeters on the edge. Something must give. But what?
The Black Diamond Cartel is about to face its deadliest challenge. In the mist of bloodshed and heartache, Malachi will learn that Loyalty Comes With a Price

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