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The Boss  Man's Daughters 2 by Aryanna

The Boss Man's Daughters 2 by Aryanna


FREEDOM, ANGEL and DESTINY have planned their whole lives around taking over the streets and reclaiming what was stolen from them when their father, THE BOSS MAN, was sent to prison.

Now, years later, their father is back out on the streets. With the help of his beautiful but dangerous daughters, he is primed to unleash his wrath on those responsible for his downfall. But what he comes home to is the surprise of a lifetime.

For years, the girls' mother was thought to be dead; murdered by the hands of their father. When she resurfaces things go into a tailspin and the girls must decide their next move. One thing that never gets compromised is their loyalty to each other and the man that fueled their ambitions.

When trouble reaches such a height that common sense dictates that they run, will the Walker girls finally fold or will they stand strong in the face of the deadly storm?

When all odds are against him, will their father accept the inevitable or will his thirst for vengeance become the undoing of the family?

The love, lies and betrayals reach damning heights in THE BOSS MAN'S DAUGHTERS 2: FEEL MY WRATH.

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