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The Brick Man 3 by King Rio

The Brick Man 3 by King Rio


It's been awhile since Mexican Cartel boss, ALEXUS COSTILLA had a firm grip on Chicago's illicit drug trade. She knows that despite the spike in gang-relate homicides, the Windy City is the land of opportunity for a drug-dealing queenpin like herself. All Alexus needs is a street organization to move her product. Enter LEE "JUICE" WILKINS.

Hailing from notorious North Lawndale, Juice is the leader of one of the most feared and notorious gangs on the West Side of the city. Though business seems grand and money is rolling in non-stop, Juice decides to make a move that will be more profitable for himself. How will Alexus react to being cutout of the equation?

Juice's new connect, BULLET-FACE, is non other than the ex husband of Alexus. When Juice and several of his closest cohorts travel to Cali to meet with Bullet-Face, it begins a day that will involve scandal, deceit, backstabbing and murder. Will THE BRICK MAN find his way back to Chicago with a stronger plug on deck? Or will his return to his home turf be inside a box?

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