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The Brick Man 4 by King Rio

The Brick Man 4 by King Rio


Blood spills when JAH is shot down in front of an apartment building on Drake. In the aftermath, WAYNO and JUICE can’t calm the streets. As the two men try to keep a cool head, RELL and the crew are ready to paint the city red.

Meanwhile, SHAWNNA is about to wage a war of her own as secrets about her best friend spill out. Being pregnant with REESE’s baby will not stop her crazy from erupting with no regard. Will Shawnna's temper cost her Reese and their unborn child?

ALEXUS, the ruthless queen, is still controlling the game, reining over the streets with an iron fist and bloody rage. Her petty, personal vendetta may cost her the family she loves, forever. Can Alexis maintain her control or will her secrets destroy her marriage and everything she has worked for?

The December cold can’t chill the heat of the streets. Time seems to be running out as the police close in on THE BRICK MAN. Faced with unenviable choices, and opps closing in on them from all sides, Wayno and Juice will make a decision that could be a drastic mistake? Or could it be the move right before checkmate?

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