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The Butterfly Mafia 3 by Fumiya Payne

The Butterfly Mafia 3 by Fumiya Payne


After years of not knowing the identity of their father, the twins are enveloped in shock by his sudden appearance. Their father’s motive for showing up is clear – he’s simply in search of forgiveness for his failure at fatherhood. Mindful of the fact that his negligence forced them to fend for themselves and form THE BUTTERFLY MAFIA, will they grant him forgiveness or pronounce him unworthy of being in their lives?
Meanwhile, Lo-Lo’s loyalty to her girls is at war with her love for Uno. Her sisterhood is sacred, but her hunger for this felon’s affection is so hard to resist. With her heart caught in the middle of this emotional conflict, which side will BFM Lo-Lo ultimately choose?
After her rehab recovery and a much-needed makeover, Shawna is slowly taking steps towards her own self-discovery. Just when her life couldn’t seem to get any better, someone joins her journey and ignites feelings in her that Shawna never knew existed. But Shawna’s inner joy could be short-lived, as an unimaginable event might leave her stuck in a state of despair with one prevalent thought... When It Rains It Pours.

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