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The Butterfly Mafia by Fumiya Payne

The Butterfly Mafia by Fumiya Payne


Asha, Lo-Lo, and Noni are three fearless females who make up a sisterhood like none other. Harboring emotional scars from traumatic childhoods, these baddies share a bond that is based on unquestionable love and limitless loyalty.

Residents of a ruthless region, where options are minimal and casualties are abundant, one of the women has a masterful plan that could lead from poverty to prosperity. But lurking in the shadows are fierce-hearted foes who will stop at nothing to prevent the three women from obtaining wealth.

As the ladies encounter a startling surprise, and Asha discovers a shocking betrayal, can the Butterfly Mafia, as they are known, manage to survive in a game where only one rule applies ... kill or be killed?

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