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The Cocaine Princess 3 by King Rio

The Cocaine Princess 3 by King Rio


ALEXUS COSTILLA is in for a whirlwind of trouble this go around because her perilous aunt, JENNY, is out of military prison, and back in attack mode. Will Jenny's return bring doom to those who oppose her?

BLAKE “BULLETFACE” KING, whose net worth has rapidly grown to nearly a billion dollars, is the hottest gangsta rapper in the game. He has it all: exotic cars, mega mansions, tons of drugs and guns, and the most beautiful and curvaceous woman on God's green earth. But the one thing he doesn't have is peace. T-WALK won't let him have it.

Delve into this chilling cartel drama and learn what Alexus had to learn the hard way, that trust and loyalty are hard to find when drug money is involved. When all is said and done, will she still emerge as THE COCAINE PRINCESS?

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