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The Cocaine Princess 5 by King Rio

The Cocaine Princess 5 by King Rio


In the rarified world of obscenely rich Hip-Hop moguls, BLAKE “BULLETFACE” KING reigns supreme. His bride-to-be is the beautiful ALEXUS COSTILLA aka THE COCAINE PRINCESS. Together they have the world in their hands. But their enemies are hard at work trying to bring them down.

Mexican terrorist, JENNIFER COSTILLA, returns to the States with a new look and an old agenda. Murdering her niece, Alexus' family brings joy to AUNT JENNY but the person she really wants dead is Alexus.

T-WALK, Bulletface's longtime nemesis, is grimly determined to put Bulletface to death by any means necessary. On top of it all, Bulletface finds himself at odds with the most ruthless, gun-crazy young thug in Hip-Hop. With guns blazing from every direction, Bulletface has only one option. He must become as gun-crazy as his enemies.

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