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The Cocaine Princess 6 by King Rio

The Cocaine Princess 6 by King Rio


Legendary Hip Hop titan, BLAKE “BULLETFACE” KING is the beast who captured the beauty's heart. He's married to the beautiful, sultry, ALEXUS COSTILLA, boss of Mexico's most ruthless and wealthy drug cartel. Blake is also the CEO of Money Bagz Management, one of the most successful record labels in the music industry. When a man has it all, it also has many enemies who wish to bring him down.

The Bugatti-driving, cash-blowing king of the rap game knows that no one but God can take the throne away from him, and he's making his mark on Hip Hop one album at a time. And he has THE COCAINE PRINCESS at his side. Together, they are a power couple unlike none other.

But there's one foe, TRINRINO “T-WALK” WALKSON, and a group of terrorists that want both Blake and Alexus out of the picture for good, and they will do anything to get it done. This time Hip Hop's most fabulous couple may not have long to live.

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