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The Cocaine Princess 7 by King Rio

The Cocaine Princess 7 by King Rio


Gunfire and the fiery sting of bullets spiraling through his body are BLAKE “BULLETFACE” KING’s last memories before the coma. Left struggling for his life following the vicious South Beach shooting, Bulletface wakes up in a Dade County hospital weeks later and immediately sets out to recuperate and bounce back to being the celebrity rap god he's been for the past several years.

With tons of cocaine and billions of dollars in illegal drug money at his disposal, Bulletface knows he'll be back to his old self in no time. When he learns what has happened to his archenemy, TRINTINO “T-WALK” WALKSON, the news brings him peace. But not for long.

Soon, Bulletface will encounter the brothers of his nemesis and he'll discover that their level of treachery is almost as lethal as THE COCAINE PRINCESS. Is the rap god built to take on this new threat to his life? Will he show the world once and for all that he lives the life that he raps about? Or will he become the next rapper to go down in a haze of gunfire?

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