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The Cocaine Princess 8 by King Rio

The Cocaine Princess 8 by King Rio


With his wife, ALEXUS COSTILLA, THE COCAINE PRINCESS, now lying in a coma and facing hundreds of federal indictments for allegedly masterminding Mexico's most ruthless drug cartel, BLAKE “BULLETFACE” KING must now run the Costilla Cartel while simultaneously managing his record label, Money Bagz Management, and performing in sold-out stadiums all across the country.

But there are enemies in Mexico who don't particularly care for an African American rap star being in charge of things, and a group of Black Disciples in Chicago's infamously deadly Englewood neighborhood that are out for a chunk of the billion-dollar fortune Bulletface has accumulated over the years.

Will Bulletface withstand the ultimate test as the first black drug cartel boss in human history? Or will this powerful icon finally get brought down to his knees?

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