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The Cocaine Princess by King Rio

The Cocaine Princess by King Rio


ALEXUS COSTILLA was raised by her father, a ruthless Mexican drug cartel boss, and her mother, a strong-spirited black woman with an MBA from Harvard. So, it's no surprise that when Alexus forgoes academia for the dope game, she quickly becomes one of the best to ever do it.
After her father, JUAN “PAPI” COSTILLA, is sent away to federal prison, Alexus soon finds herself with $250,000 in cash and 48 kilos of pure cocaine. Alexus sets out to build herself a BMF-like drug-dealing empire. But her mission is fraught with trouble beyond her imagination.

Utilizing the connections of her numerous lovers to maximize her bankroll, Alexus seems well on her way to becoming a female boss in the male-dominated illicit drug game. But will she survive the wrath of a powerful drug cartel when a sector of its leadership turns against her? Will Alexus make a crucial mistake and become the prey of wolves? Or will she outsmart them all on her way to becoming THE COCAINE PRINCESS?

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