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The Murder Queens 2 by Michael Gallon

The Murder Queens 2 by Michael Gallon


With the death of JASMINE and her dear friend DO-DIRTY looming in the back of MICHAEL VALENTINO’s mind, he must fight his most difficult task to date. Can he block out the images of their dead bodies that constantly reappear in his mind? If not, will he be able to hide his deadly deed from his most trusted comrades?

Things are spiraling out of control, and they get worse when Michael begins to see that everyone associated with him and his precious Florida Hot Girls has an ulterior motive. Is it time for Michael to call in reinforcements? Could the beautiful but dangerous Haitian vixen, YANI, be on the way to help Michael get things back in order?

In Michael's eyes, betrayal is worse than death, so when he comes face to face with the ones he least expected to be The Murder Queens, how will he punish them for their disloyalty? Or will Michael be the one that gets punished?

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