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The Murder Queens 3 by Michael Gallon

The Murder Queens 3 by Michael Gallon


Now that their secret identities have been revealed, MICHAEL VALENTINO is shocked when he comes face to face with the person who formed the group of deadly women known as THE MURDER QUEENS. The one person who he would have never imagined doing such a thing is the very soul behind these infamous women.

Michael and his older brother, JAMES, has turned his ever-growing stable of beautiful women into a family business. A risky but lucrative hustle that could cause more harm than it's worth. Is there time for Michael to walk away? Or is he already in too deep?

The same women who cause fear in the lives of many will be called on to save Michael from an infamous fate. If the fatalistic women come through for Michael, will he feel indebted to them? Or will THE FAMILY BUSINESS outweigh everything and ultimately become Michael's undoing?

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