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The Murder Queens 4 by Michael Gallon

The Murder Queens 4 by Michael Gallon


Now that everyone involved with Michael Vallentino is under the microscope, Michael has to make the most drastic decision ever. This harrowing decision just might haunt him and his cohorts forever.

Michael's gorgeous ladies are making loads of money, but their fortunes might turn after Lil Kitty and Ms. Ceily decide to partake in something that's totally forbidden. Will this be the beginning of their downfall? Or is there a way out of the precarious position they find themselves in?

In the end, Michael Vallentino's heart will be ripped from his chest, He then has to do the unthinkable and enlist the help of The Murder Queens. Follow along this devious path of deceit, lies, and disloyality. Hearts will be broken and lives will be lost all in order to become a Florida Hot Girl.

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