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The Murder Queens 5 by Michael Gallon

The Murder Queens 5 by Michael Gallon


Now that the lovely ladies of the night who danced for MICHEAL from city to city had embedded their signature into the heads and mouths of the many men they encountered along the way, they never knew that death was right around the corner, nor that the Devil had a hold on the necks of some of the ladies they danced with. Not only were they in immediate danger, but so were the many beautiful women who shared Michael's bed and his lonely heart.
Micheal is just about to find out the hard way when he is told that the lovely vixen Sharon Conoly has been kidnapped and the ransom is an astronomical amount of money that meant nothing to him. Just as long as Sharon and his unborn child are returned safely. Simple huh?
But nothing that deals with THE MURDER QUEENS is ever simple! And death is always close by.

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