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The Plug of Lil Mexico 2 by Chris Green

The Plug of Lil Mexico 2 by Chris Green


Witty SMOKEY CARTER and his ace, KEITH, they are on a mission to take over the city with a ruthless force of power, and a potent wave of top quality cocaine. The plan is to level up unlike any other crew but then the unexpected happens and all plans go awry.

When the wicked Rastafarian kingpin, RHESTAY, wants answers for a load of missing money, the blood rate quickly rises and the fate of Smokey is up in the air. Must Smokey pay for his father's past? Or will he master the game and eliminate Rhestay and his other enemies?

One mistake could bring a swift end to all of Smokey's huge street aspirations. In the end, who will prevail and hold on to the title of THE PLUG OF LIL MEXICO?

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