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The Plug's Ruthless Daughter by Tony Daniels

The Plug's Ruthless Daughter by Tony Daniels


Mustafa AKA Tubb is a major player on the local drug scene. He’s tough and street smart, but he does have one major weakness, which is women. When his wife catches him with two strippers in their bedroom she moves out with his kids. Shortly thereafter his trap house is mysteriously robbed, and he winds up back in prison on a parole violation. Just as he thinks he has hit rock bottom, he finds out that his best friend Blast has been sleeping with his wife. This could lead to bodies stacked on top of each other.

Mustafa meets the woman of his dreams. She takes no shyt at all and she's loyal to him and the drug game. She’s also THE PLUG'S RUTHLESS DAUGHTER, which can be a blessing and a curse to Mustafa. If he keeps it a buck with this beautiful but deadly woman there is no limit on what he can obtain. But one slip up could cost him his life. With riches and success right at his finger tips will Mustafa capitalize on this golden opportunity or will he fumble the bag?

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