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The Price You Pay For Love 3 by Destiny Skai

The Price You Pay For Love 3 by Destiny Skai


Has FOREIGN'S world finally crashed and burned? After numerous close calls, this could be the one that ends her life. But Foreign is determined to protect her unborn baby. Will both of them perish at the hands of the man who should love and protect them?

DOMESTIC has sworn that if he can't have Foreign, no one else will. Fueled by anger, he seems driven to hurt her in the worst possible way. First, his backstabbing reaches a new height when he pursues Foreign's close friend. In the middle of the madness and betrayal, things become violent and Foreign sees no way out other than on a stretcher.

Unable to make a clean break from Domestic's dominating clutches, Foreign reaches out to a family member that’s known as the pit-bull in a skirt. A female boss that will lay a man down without breaking a nail or batting an eyelash. The infamous FETTI GIRL, BLACQUE BARBEE! Can Barbee help Foreign escape the death grips of Domestic’s killer hands? Or will she finally meet her match and lose her life, interfering with the problems between FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC?

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