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The Streets Stained My Soul 2 by Marcellus Allen

The Streets Stained My Soul 2 by Marcellus Allen


While lying in a hospital bed, recovering from severe gunshot wounds, JUICE plots revenge on everyone that has ever crossed him, especially the ones who almost took his life. Death is the only punishment he sees fit for his ops, and with a heart turned cold, Juice sets out to take away their last breath.

NAUGHTY has decided to give JAMAR one more chance at a relationship. But that decision is a gift and a curse, as it puts Jamar at war with Naughty's ex, Juice, who seems to be death struck. With the two killers after each other's head, will Naughty get caught in the crossfire? Or will her devotion switch back and forth between the two?

Neither man will back down or surrender the woman they both love. Both men are savage and determined to win. With money, power, and a woman's affection at the root of their beef, something must give or both men could die in the streets that stained their souls.

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