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The Streets Stained My Soul 3 by Marcellus Allen

The Streets Stained My Soul 3 by Marcellus Allen


The war is officially on! The streets of Portland is on fire like never before. Not only is NAUGHTY dead and gone, but the person who JUICE hates the most is the one who killed her.

FREEZE has returned home from prison without anybody outside of his circle being aware of his return. He has plans on giving up the street life and committing himself to Islam and his family. But he knows he has one enemy who will never forgive or sleep until he is dead. With that in mind, Freeze goes on one last murder mission to kill before he is killed himself. Will Freeze be able to escape the streets or will he become another casualty of the lifestyle?

Meanwhile, Juice has a new set of enemies. JOJO is more than convinced than ever that Juice, not Freeze killed his sister, NAUGHTY. Will JoJo find out the truth or will he stay blinded by the memory of his sister's blood? Who will win the bloodiest war that Portland has ever seen? Or will there be no winners as even the ones that are eulogized be left saying THE STREETS STAINED MY SOUL.

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