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The Streets Will Talk by Yolanda Moore

The Streets Will Talk by Yolanda Moore


In the hood it's supposed to be: What happens in the projects stays in the projects. But that's far from the truth. Misery loves company and those who live in the land of ruin can't seem to keep their trials and tribulations to themselves.

Like an aggressive virus that sweeps through the city, the foul stench of the Southside Projects infects everyone that gets in its path. This sickness is fueled by jealousy, envy, greed and treachery, causing friends to become foes. Can love and loyalty sprout from blood stains on the cold, cold pavement? Or will deceit always win out?

Whatever a man or woman does to get ahead in their journey of unrighteousness, one thing will always remain true, THE STREETS WILL TALK. What is said will determine who lives and who dies, who finds love and success as opposed to who will perish under the assault of bullets, lies and heartache. Few win, many lose, but no one goes unscathed.

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