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These Vicious Streets by Prince A Tauhid

These Vicious Streets by Prince A Tauhid


Through the generosity of her former kingpin boyfriend, Charlotte Thorpe lives a life of luxury in beautiful Miami, Florida. The couple share a lot of love until there's a huge mishap. Four bullets and an exposed weakness reveals a chink in their armour, and Charlotte's husband becomes a monster right before her eyes.
The powers that be are contacted. Someone has to intervene. In addition to one facing serious problems, so is the other. An ultimatum is given. A compromise made. Drastic changes occur. From the Sunshine State to Maine, then eventually Washington, DC, Charlotte moves about. During a weekend in DC, Charlotte encounters a strong personality. One full of masculine energy. An intriguing thuggish figure she’s infatuated with. Her attraction leads to an introduction. The two instantly click.
While one is years removed from a life in the underworld, the other is knee deep in it. However, an exit strategy is put into place to someday go legit. If able to. Both of their histories and worlds are slowly revealed, and a downfall seems to await them as they try the distance themselves from THESE VICIOUS STREETS.

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