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Thug of Spades by Corey Robinson

Thug of Spades by Corey Robinson


Daymion Myers has been locked up for seventeen long years. When he is finally set free, the only thing on his mind is finding his son before the streets suck him completely in, but Dreighton has been in the clutches of the enemy and they aren’t willing to let him go so easily.
With murder and mayhem on his mind, Daymion decides to keep his release a secret until he runs into an old cell mate who had vowed to help him. Together they plan the ultimate heist. But when Daymion tries to draw the enemy out he realizes they are closer than he thought.
In order to keep from getting caught up, Daymion will have to play the game all the way through. However, the game no longer has rules and in order to make his own he will have to make some sacrifices he never expected. Is he willing to build another hand to better his chances at winning or will he continue to play the one he has held all along?

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