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Vicious Loyalty 2 by Kingpen

Vicious Loyalty 2 by Kingpen


In war, only one side comes out as the victor. The Vicelords, and the Gangster Disciples are both playing for keeps. Blood is shed, and boundaries are crossed with little regard. Egos clash and heightened levels of testosterone fuel a deadly volley of gunfire that results in a death that's unforgivable.

SNIPES wants revenge for the death of his sister, but the odds are stacked against him as a perpetrator from his team exposes the blueprints to victory. VICIOUS wakes up from a nightmare that appears to be his everyday life. He's stuck between love and murder as his heart is pulled between his nation and his love affair. Will his street ties outweigh his heart?

DETECTIVE MURRAY decides to up the ante and go to war with Snipes and his murderous gang. To win this deadly battle, Murray must unleash a secret weapon that threatens to bring Snipes to his knees, by way of his heart.

Who can be trusted in this web of sin, lies and deception? Perhaps no one. Or will VICIOUS LOYALTY turn out to be worse than having no loyalty at all?

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