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Vicious Loyalty 3 by Kingpen

Vicious Loyalty 3 by Kingpen


Money, power and respect is what most gangstas cherish and in times of war, the means to attaining those things has no limits. VICIOUS wakes up to find himself captured by a woman he's presumably never met before, but could he be mistaken? If so, what price will he pay for this mistake?

While Vicious is being held captive, DON is free to go after JANAE with deadly intentions. But he might face more resistance than he's prepared to handle. Meanwhile, DETECTIVE MURRAY is hellbent on getting a conviction of the infamous SNIPES, but his secret weapon to secure the conviction gets exposed. What starts out as a love affair between Snipes and undercover DETECTIVE COMBS could end up as another cold case as a A VICIOUS LOYALTY unravels.

When Snipes returns home, he realizes that his opps are playing the game without rules, breaking street codes and playing to win at all costs. Neither side will back down. Bodies are piling up in the gangsta's graveyard. Whose will be next?

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