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Xmas In The Arms Of An ATL Shooter By Ca$h

Xmas In The Arms Of An ATL Shooter By Ca$h


It’s the holiday season and ARIA has no reason to be jolly. She’s in a dead end relationship with her boyfriend, JAHEIM, who has a hard time with commitment. Repeatedly, he has proven to be untrustworthy. Fed up, Aria takes a chance with her social media crush, rapper YOUNG MILLI, and visits him in the ATL for Christmas.

Young Milli is one of hottest unsigned rappers in the game. He's also a certified shooter and hustla with millions of dollars in his bank account. Add to that, his magnetism is through the roof! The ladies want to be a trophy on his arm and the men want to be in his shoes. But Young Milli is one of one. After God created him, He broke the mold.

After a tumultuous relationship, Young Milli swore off being in a monogamous situation until he met Aria. As the passion heats up between the two, jealousy rears its ugly head and Young Milli's industry beefs threaten to send him out of the game in a coffin. Will Aria find true love during XMAS IN THE ARMS OF AN ATL SHOOTER? Will she become just another one of Young Milli's conquest? Or will he even live to make that decision?

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